The birds and the bees

Would I ever want to go back and do it again, not really, but if it led me to you each time I would do it over and over.

When you’re both a little bit older, you will probably start to wonder, ‘where do babies come from?’. It’s a good question and as far as biology goes a pretty fundamental one. Depending on who you ask and when you ask, you will get a variety of responses. A traditional, pretty stock, PG, answer goes like this. ‘When a man and woman love each other very much they have a special cuddle. During this cuddle the man plants a tiny seed in the woman’s tummy and then it grows into a baby.’ This all sounds pretty straightforward right? So easy in fact I spent most of my twenties, despite using a variety of ‘seed protection’ methods, worrying, that each time I had one of these special cuddles* that a baby might be on its way. Turns out it’s not always quite that easy.

For some people, like your grandmas and before them mine, baby making did seem to happen pretty easily (they had 16 babies between them). In fact your Grandma R found it so easy your Aunty S was a bit of a surprise (although I still can’t quite work that one out). However, for others it’s not that simple and maybe people need to be made aware that this can be the case, preferably before they’re in their mid-thirties and they’ve been trying for months on end. Maybe a little disclaimer at the end of the textbook might help so it doesn’t come as so much of a shock when they get to a point in their life when they would quite like a baby and no matter how many special cuddles they have it doesn’t quite happen.

I never found out how easy it would have been for me and your dad, although I always suspected that coming from a long line of breeding experts it wouldn’t have been too hard. We only tried twice before our lives took an unexpected turn and put us on the path to you. I’m not going to lie, that was pretty horrendous at times but there were a hell of a lot of good things that came along with it. Would I ever want to go back and do it again, not really, but if it led me to you each time I would do it over and over.

Forever & Always

Mum x

*Your dad would prefer it if you never had these or at least wait till you‘re at least thirty.

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